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product arrow SENTER CREE ZOOM YEZL T10B 860 LUMEN

Price Rp 700.000
[Size] normal length is 18.38cm,
extending the length of the head after the 20.6cm,
head diameter 38mm,
tube diameter of 31mm,
tail diameter 31mm.
[Weight] 260 grams (without batteries)
[Color] black
Product as follows:
1, lamp: The latest U.S. CREE high power LED XML T6, the maximum brightness of 860 lumens, life 100,000 hours.
2, the lens material: imported high quality double coated lens UCL, light resistance. Patent instant zoom, according to their own requirements telescopic focusing (pull or press to achieve the zoom lamp), control aperture size, 0.3 seconds to complete the zoom, the real lightning zoom, perfect white uniform aperture.
3, the circuit: Precision Design 5 files dimming circuit:
Battery life is also different according to different.

4, Battery: use a 26650 lithium battery, or a 18650 lithium batteries, or 3 AAA batteries.

5, Material: imported high-quality aviation aluminum, CNC Precision Machining CNC machines, exquisite workmanship, reaching U.S. MIL-STD-810F-level compression test, carry more convenient;
6, waterproof: sealing, and has a good life waterproof, can use a normal rainy days, field tests even after power on the basin in person within five minutes after the removal is still working.
7, switch mode: tail button switch
- harga sudah termasuk : senter + batere recash 18650 + charger
- dapat mengguankan 3 jenis batere : AAAx3 pc / 18650 / 26650
- situs internasionalnya :


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