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product arrow Binocular Olympus 10x50 DPSI

Price Rp 1.000.000

Olympus 10x50 DPS I Binoculars


  • 10 x Magnification
  • Porro-prism
  • Center Focus
  • 6.5° Actual Field of View
  • Over 2 m - 1 Diopter Adjustment
  • 6 m Closest Focusing Distance
  • 12 mm Eye Relief
  • 50 mm Objective Lens Diameter
  • Monolayer Coating
Packing for a vacation can be quite confusing, with an array of accessories and paraphernalia that will make your experience memorable. A good pair of binoculars will not only take you closer to your object of observation, it can transform the way you experience new terrains forever. The Olympus 10 x 50 DPS I are standard binocularsthat are durable and perform optimally under all circumstances. These binoculars are ideal to use in bright daylight for outdoor activities.

The DPS I binoculars use a Porro prism that orients your image right side up before delivering it to you. This technology is easier to make, therefore making your binoculars more affordable. Your subject is brought 10x closer to you, giving you an up-close look at nature and its beautiful creations.


These compact binoculars are a pleasure to hold for long periods of time, owing to its sleek design. The rugged binoculars feature a sure-grip rubber coating on the body of the viewing barrels, increasing friction and reducing fatigue at the same time. It secures the binoculars for when you're standing at a precarious height or in a crowd. The slim Olympus binoculars are stylish and will make you proud, whether at a beach party or at an art gallery.

The focus knob is featured in the middle, between the 2 viewing barrels. This knob is easy to access while the binoculars are being used. These DPS I binoculars weigh 855 g and measure 191 x 178 x 63 mm, fitting comfortably into a bag of any size, be it hand baggage or check-in luggage.


The Olympus DPS I binoculars have an objective lens size of 50 mm, giving you a wide area to pick your subjects from. The exit pupil measures 5 mm, which is the size of the light ray that enters your eye through the eyepiece of the Olympus 10 x 50 DPS I. The exit pupil and objective lens size together determine the brightness of your image, indicating what activities the binoculars will be ideal for. The relative brightness of 25 lets you comfortably use these binoculars for indoor events too, like at a theatre or art gallery.

The center focus of the Olympus binoculars lets you control the focus for both the viewing barrels simultaneously, giving you an end-to-end view at your surroundings. The close focus distance measures 6 m, indicating the nearest point of focus. This means that from 6 m to essentially infinity, these binoculars can focus on any subject in that range, making it very handy to have along when you are on a hiking trip.

These DPS I binoculars have an eye relief of 12 mm, which is the maximum distance admissible between your eye and the eyecups for optimal viewing. The advantage of this feature is that, for users with spectacles, these binoculars can accommodate your eye glasses for comfortable viewing. These Olympus binoculars also feature individual, built in diopter controls for each eye, with a range of over 2m-1, giving you an accurate and precise view of your subject even if you don't want to wear your spectacles.

The Olympus 10 x 50 DPS I binoculars have an angle of view of 6.5°, which gives you a wide scope of visibility when you're out in open terrain. The DPS I binoculars have a monolayer coating on the inside of the viewing barrels. This coating not only reduces glare from external lights, it also delivers a bright image, reducing wash-out and stress to the eye. These binoculars also feature UV-ray protection, which lets you enjoy the warm sun for longer periods of time while the binoculars protect you from harmful rays. So all you have to do is pack the Olympus 10 x 50 DPS I when you leave home, and use it for hours without fatigue or burn-out.

Buying Guide

These binoculars allow you to easily track fast moving objects, making it ideal to use for bird-watching. You can also use it to keep your eye on a wild deer or a jumping fish while camping or hiking. There also perform optimally when you're watching sports events, while also working well for astronomy, like when you want to go star gazing.

Specifications of Olympus 10x50 DPS I Binoculars (Black)

Type Binoculars
Prism Type Porro-prism
Model 10x50 DPS I
Key Features 10 x Magnification, Porro-prism, Center Focus, 6.5° Actual Field of View, Over 2 m - 1 Diopter Adjustment, 6 m Closest Focusing Distance, 12 mm Eye Relief, 50 mm Objective Lens Diameter, Monolayer Coating
Maximum Magnification 10 x
Relative Brightness 25
Brand Olympus
Warranty 1 Year
Display Magnification 10 x
Width 191 mm
Height 178 mm
Depth 63 mm
Weight 855 g
Lens Construction 5 Elements in 3 Groups
Objective Lens Diameter 50 mm
Exit Pupil Diameter 5 mm
Lens Coating Monolayer-coating
Eye Related Features
Eye Relief 12 mm
Eye Interval Adjustment Range 60 - 70 mm
Diopter Adjustment Range Over 2 m - 1
Closest Focus Distance 6 m
Focussing System Center Focus
Field of View
Apparent Field of View 65 °
Actual Field of View 6.5 °
Field of View at 1000 metres 114 m

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